About Us

By now, you’ve probably at least skimmed our reviews and checked out our evaluation methods. It’s time to part the curtains and introduce the people who make all this happen. If you’re going to put faith in our recommendations, you ought to know a little about us and our mission.

Security in Today’s Online World

The internet has become an essential part of our lives. Many people take a quick look at their social media notifications first thing in the morning – even before the day’s first healing sip of coffee. Our laptops and smartphones let us check headlines, catch up with friends, and read emails. Our lives are split now between the real world and the digital realm of cyberspace.

It’s hard to overstate how vulnerable we are in that digital world. Every message we send could be intercepted. Every dollar we spend could be redirected. Every bit of personal information could be added to a criminal’s database. And we wouldn’t know a thing about it until it was too late. Connecting to the digital world is a risk. Without proper encryption and safety measures, anyone could access your computer or mobile device and download your complete online history.

VPN Protection as the Best Solution

We recommend strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Set your browser to use SSL by default. Limit the amount of personal information you make public on social media. And for heaven’s sake, sign up for a VPN service. VPN is an easy, reliable way to protect your information. VPN services encrypt your data and establish a secure connection that can’t be compromised. You get to enjoy all your favorite online content without worrying about security.

Of course, not all VPN providers are the same. The best VPN services offer high levels of security, respect your privacy, maintain your internet speed, have user-friendly interfaces, and so on. It’s essential that you choose the one that best suits your needs. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Many Minds – One Goal

Our diverse team consists of professionals with different backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to the table. When we put our heads together we get a more comprehensive approach in our reviews that covers all of our readers’ concerns.

All the members of our team have one common goal – to create the ultimate list of the most reliable, secure, and affordable VPN providers for all your devices. We want to help you stay safe on the web regardless of your browsing habits or preferred devices.

Here are a few things you can always expect from our reviews:

Thoroughness: We take our time when we evaluate VPN services to make sure we’ve explored all of the service’s features, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Unbiased opinions: We aren’t remotely tempted when vendors offer to pay us for positive reviews. Evaluations like those have zero value for you and allowing them on the site would destroy our credibility. You can be sure that the in-depth information and honest opinions we publish are in no way influenced by providers.

Focus: It’s easy, in the tech world, to get lost in the bits and bytes. Although we research and evaluate every aspect of the VPN services we cover, it is the big picture that really interests us. We do our calculations, compare the pros and cons, and come up with simple answers: Is the service worth your time or not? Do we recommend it? Should you use it?

Working Together for a Safer Online World

We hope this site helps raise awareness of the dangers lurking on the internet, and we hope the information we publish here helps create a safer web experience for everyone. The online world is bigger and faster, with more fascinating sites and services, with every passing day. Let’s make sure it stays safe as well.